Green Building

Fine Line Joinery is committed to constructing dwellings that provide a healthy and comfortable home environment, while striving to preserve the quality of our global environment.

Green Builder - Sustainable Construction To this end, we endeavor to educate and direct clients toward the use of building materials and methods that minimize environmental impact and maximize indoor air quality and comfort. Special attention is paid to reducing job site waste and the recycling of as many materials as possible.

Fine Line Joinery is proud of its memberships in Build It Green and the Sierra Green Building Association, and has been recognized by Keep the Sierra Green for its sustainable business practices.

Green Cabinetry

Custom Cabinetry by Fine Line Joinery exemplifies our commitment to Green. We use materials that are Certified Environmentally Responsible, wherever possible:
Green Custom Cabinets - Bamboo Cabinets

  • Responsibly harvested hardwoods and softwoods
  • Plywood panels laminated from responsibly harvested lumber, using low or no formaldehyde adhesives
    (These panel adhesives are now mandated by state and federal environmental agencies; FLJ has been using them for years!)
  • Fast renewing alternative materials such as Bamboo or Coconut Palm
  • Cabinet interiors are made from panels prefinished with a solid epoxy topcoat, which contains no formaldehydes and emits no VOC's

Environmentally friendly adhesives and finishes lead to a healthier home environment. Responsibly harvested materials lead to a sustainable global environment.

Responsibility starts in the shop:

  • Computer-aided optimization to minimize material waste
  • Larger wood scraps saved for use in smaller projects or donated to other woodworkers; smaller wood waste seperated for recycling
  • All in-bound packaging carefully sorted for recycling
  • Fully insulated shop with high efficiency lighting

How much extra does all this "Responsibility" cost?

  • How much is healthier air in your home worth?
  • How much is protecting the World's forests worth?
  • How much is protecting/improving the socio-economic conditions in timber producing regions of the World worth?
  • Tough questions to answer, except the one about cost: In general, the extra cost for "Green" Cabinets is... NOTHING! For most common, domestic wood species, there is little difference in the cost of materials. Over the years, FLJ has strived to work with suppliers of Certified materials. With demand for these increasing, costs are becoming more competitive with those of non-certified. The decision to Go Green has become a "no brainer"!