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Howling Wolf Shingle Art Project
Fine Line Joinery on Facebook
Compact Fluorescents: Why, Why Not and Getting Rid of Them When They're Done
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January 2011 Newsletter
Welcome to our first newsletter of 2011... well, actually it's our first real newsletter ever! In this issue, we're featuring a project I did for my own home, a brief company press release and a Green Living article about Compact Fluorescent Lighting. I hope you'll enjoy...
Howling Wolf Shingle Art Project


Howling Wolf Shingle Art

When it was time to build a garage/shop on my own property, I quickly realized that because of the lay of the land, it would necessarily be the first structure that visitors would see when calling on us. I therefore wanted it to be welcoming, as well as representative of some of my values, the same ones that my business, Fine Line Joinery, is built upon. The "cake-topper", for me, was the shingle art mural on the gable above the garage door.


Fine Line Joinery on Facebook


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Green Living:

Compact Fluorescents:  Why, Why Not and Getting Rid of Them When They're Done


Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb

Now that we've replaced all of our incandescent lighting with compact fluorescents... What?... Oh, you saw me at the hardware store last weekend buying incandescent bulbs?... well... OK, you got me. So, let's talk about this...


I hope, over the coming months, this newsletter will evolve into something that you will not only look forward to finding in your In Box, but will want to share with your friends, too. Your input will be invaluable to help make it that. Please contact me through our Facebook page or by email with your questions, comments and/or suggestions. Thanks for reading.

Wishing you the best in 2011,
David Yonenaka
David Yonenaka
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